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Tierra Whack Is All About Gaining And Showing Off Power On 'Unemployed'

Her mom helped her craft the hook to her snarling new anthem

Behold, the fifth release of #whackhistorymonth, a period of time designated by Tierra Whack to submerge the streamosphere with a myriad of new releases. She released "Only Child" on February 19 and, exactly a month later, "Unemployed" is here. Again, it divulges another of Whack's musical personalities and shows that there's so much of her to explore that it may take the length of her career to learn everything there is about her. For the moment, let us enjoy how much this slaps, though.

Whack spoke to Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio earlier today (March 19) and revealed that her mother was instrumental in the creative process for "Unemployed." "My mom is never in the studio with me, but she was in the studio that day and she like basically helped me with the hook. It's crazy," she said. Without listening to it, this conjures a loving image, that "Unemployed" will be an ode to the struggles of being without a job. That's what it would be if Whack wasn't, well, Whack.

"Unemployed" explodes with creativity in its sinister beat and snarling subject matter. It's a track of verbal attacks and braggadocio, something that would make a parent gasp with surprise at its harsh nature. But Whack delivers her furious lines with a softness that makes her words float off her tongue. The chorus that her mom helped with – "Got a driver, gotta do / I get down and dirty, too / What it is, what it do / Same shit, nothing new" – is unapologetic and telling. Whack is in charge here and that isn't going to change. If she doesn't have all of the power yet, she's coming for it now.

"Only Child" was the first. Then followed "Clones," "Gloria," "Wasteland," and now "Unemployed," exactly five Tuesdays later (each track was released on a Tuesday). With the month now over, what'll be next for the fiery rapstress? Could the follow-up to 2018's Whack World be around the corner? For now, keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Check out the hard-hitting, shit-talking song up above.