YouTube/The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Robyn Brings A Peaceful Groove To Colbert With 'Ever Again' Performance

Red stage lights bask the singer's skin in a warm glow

Robyn was Tuesday night (March 12)'s musical guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and she brought the funk – the warm, fuzzy kind that warrants slow bopping to the music while stepping from side to side. The singer performed "Ever Again" from her album Honey that came out in October. She kept it simple and focused on the music, giving an authentic, nostalgic experienced revolving solely around her feathery voice.

The stage was bathed in warm red lights that cast Robyn's skin in an orange glow. When she began singing, the room grew at ease. She swayed as she sang, casually bopping to the subtle groove of "Ever Again," keeping her energy muted while creating the atmosphere for the audience looking to the disco for nostalgia. She didn't need lavish stage sets or extravagant dance routines to win over the audience; her performance simplicity made it magical.

The rollout for Honey is still in full effect; since its release, Robyn has released videos for "Send To Robin Immediately" and the LP's title track. She's currently in the midst of a tour in support of the album that wraps up in April.

Check out the smooth performance up above.