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Tierra Whack Swats Away Wannabe Daters With Shaq-Like Efficiency On 'Wasteland'

Behold the fourth song of #WhackHistoryMonth

At this point, new releases from Tierra Whack are becoming as certain as death and taxes. Her latest tune, during what she calls #whackhistorymonth, is "Wasteland." It's her fourth release in the last four weeks and it might be the biggest and boldest one yet.

Each of Whack's songs opens up portals to new dimensions. This one's no different. The track's slight presence of church organ and honey-sweet melodies launch a gateway to a relaxing summer's meadow that stretches to infinity. Her raps stick like warm putty as she slinks between slurred words with an electric jolt here and there when she emphasizes phrases. The effect is striking. It's disorientating, yet peaceful.

She raps and sings about the perils of being attractive and single. No, you can't take her on a date. No, she's not in the city; she's in Los Angeles. Her Rolodex of ways to deny unsuitable suitors is impressive. "Can't be seen with you / You don't match my fly," she says at one point. "I came here alone / Got a boy at home," she raps at another. There's no use shooting your shot. It'll airball every time.

First came "Only Child" and "Clones" during February's last two weeks respectively, then "Gloria" that dropped in the first week of March. Now with "Wasteland"'s fresh release, the anticipation for a new project is higher than ever. The excellent Whack World can only hold the globe over for so long. All of this new music practically screams that we're getting a fresh project from Whack in the near future. This time, it looks like it'll be made up of full songs too.

Listen to the soft, saccharine tune up above.