Migos And DJ Mustard Take Over A Warehouse For a Paintball War In 'Pure Water' Video

Spoiler alert: There's a fun two-step dance session at the very end

What do water and paint have in common? Besides both being wet, nothing. That's apparently enough to string them together because Mustard and Migos' new video, "Pure Water" is about fast and furious painting action. This isn't your regular easel-in-a-studio-apartment kind of painting. This is a gigantic-warehouse, wartime painting. The video, that came out today (March 7), isn't concerned with how much sense it makes – if any. It's all about the experience, and, in usual Mustard fashion, how much energy his presence (whether in person or as the producer of a track) can bring to any environment.

Thick buckets of colored paint splash in sloshes on the ground continuously in "Pure Water." We're placed directly on the battlefield following two teams of women holding opaque balloons. These balloons are thrown in the air and pop on the skin of others at fierce speeds, bringing exploding rivers of reds, blues, and yellows, into the air and onto the goggles of smiling and grimacing paint soldiers.

The entire scene is blindingly bright and beautiful, its cinematography enabling us to see the individual pores of everyone involved – especially the smiling trio of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff who are clearly enjoying themselves. The ending segment involves a two-step routine that is at once nostalgic and very in line with what kind of energy that Mustard brings: a jovial fire that brings the laughs in tandem with the hype.

If you're curious about the level of energy that these performers bring, be sure to check out Migos at Rolling Loud in May. Last month, Offset released his debut solo album, Father of 4, and the trio dropped a new record, "Position To Win." Both Quavo and Takeoff released their respective solo albums, Quavo Huncho and The Last Rocket, in 2018.