(Randy Holmes via Getty Images)

Tierra Whack Puffs Out Her Chest And Beckons For Competition In 'Gloria'

In the creative arena, this gladiator is undefeated

Tierra Whack imbues a rare energy into her latest release "Gloria." It's her third new tune in the span of three weeks and there's no sign of slowing down – just a continuous journey into uncharted territories. The rapper is pushing in unknown directions and there's truly no telling what is coming next.

"Gloria" is a complex maze of twists and turns. It's a bouncy instrumental that features all manner of beeps and boops, zips and zaps, and zippity-doodads. Remember Space Cadet 3Dthat infamous pinball game hidden deep within the menus of desktop computers in the 2000s? Throw that in a blender and at some 808 drums to it, and boom: Whack's verbally attacking it.

Her rhyming is hushed, her eyes glazed over. This low approach enables her slurred words to easily connect with her subtle melodies. The resulting effect is that perfect balance of web-swinging motion that makes Spider-Man's adventures so enthralling – the fluid transition from free-falling to swinging around a building and then back again. Whack could teach a thing or two to her peers about this authentic, free-flowing creativity.

Thematically, "Gloria" is about puffing up your chest and talking your shit. Whack's confidence is through the roof on this one. She's contemplating buying a new Lamborghini exotic car, calling "most of y'all dudes" garbage, and showing the fire in her eyes when she says, "I'm gonna win regardless." The passion is there, the confidence, and the drive. She's definitely going to win.

Earlier this week, Whack showed her love for monsters in her performance of "Only Child" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that packed the creepy factor. Last week, she released "Clones." These new songs and performances are proof that whenever the world receives a proper follow-up to her excellent 2018 debut Whack Worldit's going to be legendary.

Listen to the shape-shifting tune above.