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Tierra Whack Brings The Monsters Out In 'Only Child' Performance On Kimmel

She makes pushing a monster in a baby carriage look cool, effortlessly

On Monday night (March 5), Tierra Whack brought her unique blend of weirdness to Jimmy Kimmel Live! with a performance of "Only Child." Since releasing the eclectic tune last week, fans were left wondering how she would bring it to life visually. While the video isn't out yet, we have our first glimpse of what it should look like.

Whack's 2018 visual album Whack World was a mesmerizing battlefield of colors that showed that she liked to do things slightly differently than everyone else. It was also an appetizer. Her Kimmel performance "Only Child" is proof that not only can she match this level of output, she can also exceed it. The show starts with her walking a carriage onto the stage with a grotesque figure dangling from its seat. The stage's computer-generated background is a decrepit park at night filled with equally grotesque creatures. These creatures also decorate her blood red dress. But though the scene is dark, Whack's soft vocals shine through with their honesty and grounded nature.

"Only Child" isn't the only recent taste of Whack's fresh tunes. She released "Clones" last week, and that track's completely different direction is yet another indicator of the many dimensions in which her creative soul is split across. This could signal something larger in the near future coming from the rapper (perhaps a project?). For now, all we can do is wait and see.

Check out the creepy, yet oddly adorable performance up above.