YouTube/Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's Soothing Live Performance Of 'Feel Something' Is Beautiful

Could it be a sign of more new music on the way?

Adam Lambert released his soft, soulful, and booming single "Feel Something" last week. Ahead of releasing an official video for the earnest new tune, the pop singer has released something equally as captivating – a live studio performance that captures the dopamine-releasing qualities that the tune, unleashed, brings.

The live performance is simple in execution. Lambert wisely avoids making it a theatric stunt with camera effects and complex visual work. We see Lambert standing in front of a microphone and his supporting cast of vocalists and instrumentalists are warm, bathed in a distinct fuzz that lets the listener know that he's the star of the show.

As Lambert sings, the camera intently focuses on every pore on his face. It twists and twirls around him, keeping its eternal gaze on his constantly warping expressions. Eventually, it focuses on the faces of the supporting people offering their own voices. Throughout the calming experience, the scene constantly continues to sooth. It matches the song's intent, and by its end, you'll be anxious to hop in bed and cut off the lights.

This past Sunday, Lambert opened the 2019 Oscars with Queen and performed the band's classics "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions." The singer's recent moves look to signal that a new project could be in the works. His last release was 2015's The Original HighPrior to the release of "Feel Something" last week, the singer posted on Instagram that the song was a preview of something new. It's time to stay tuned and see what it is.

Check out the beautiful performance up above.