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Is Solange Teasing A New Album With New Social Posts?

The singer uploaded new photos and videos to the social network BlackPlanet

UPDATE (02/28/19, 9:30 a.m. ET): Solange has shared a brief clip of what sounds like new music along with an accompanying visual teaser. Check that out below, then continue to the original story.

Solange is coming with something — it's just hard to be sure of what exactly that something is. That's always been one of her main draws: the feeling that her next moves aren't already written, that you can look at her last six career turns for a pattern and not have an inkling of a clue what could be coming next. This week, that stumped feeling should be hitting, right about... now.

On Tuesday (February 26), the singer revealed that she created a profile on the long-running social network BlackPlanet and, upon closer examination, it looks like it holds some keys to the singer's mysterious future.

Let's call Solange the Queen of Aesthetics. Upon loading the page up, it presents itself as a dark grid with random quotes (possibly new lyrics?), clean photos, and videos of the singer in different poses. There's also a chance that when you check it out, you'll see a profile that features a graphic of three mysterious women, two of them interlocking their floating hands as red, yellow, and green lights spin off of the digits. Awesome, if slightly unnerving, stuff. Repeated clicking brings either this first grid or this second graphic.

There are three floating links at the top of the page that read "Dossier," "Live," and "Newsletter." "Dossier" features 24 beautifully shot pictures of glistening brown bodies, graceful pole dancing, and horses, of all things. The "Live" tab features Solange's upcoming festival shows around the globe that kick off on May 30 in Denmark and finish up on July 12 in the United Kingdom. The Newsletter tab invites you to input your contact information to keep up with the singer's latest happenings.

At this point, signing up in the "Newsletter" tab is all but essential. Last year, Solange revealed to The New York Times Style Magazine that her forthcoming album was complete. She released the exceptional A Seat At The Table in 2016.