'Dream Come True': The Challenge's Nicole Zanatta Has Her Pick Of Seven Blonde Bombshells

Meanwhile, Pauly D chose his fair maiden on this week's 'Game of Clones'

Pauly D's got a new girl -- and she looks just like a Hollywood superstar.

The Jersey Shore star made his choice on tonight's episode of the new dating show Game of Clones, picking one of seven women who were dead ringers for his celebrity crush. And the winner was...Olivia (aka the girl who dared to touch his hair on last week's debut).

Meanwhile, Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry still didn't pick a suitor, but one other MTV celeb entered the fold: The Challenge: Vendetta’s Nicole Zanatta. So how is her search for love going thus far? Here's the low-down:

Her celeb crush: a sexy R&B singer known for doing the one, two step.

Her reaction to seven clones: “[This is a] dream come true,” Nicole said, before examining the women more closely and asking, “Are we all goin’ to a funeral or something? ’Cause we’re all wearin’ black.”

Immediate standouts: Kaba announced she’d never even been out with a woman, saying, “Let’s be honest -- every lesbian’s dream is to be with a straight girl.” Um, okay. Raven, meanwhile, said the quickest way to her heart is through her stomach: “I like bread; I like cheese.” And Tiera extolled her virtues, proclaiming, “I’m a relationship girl -- I can’t just hook up with anybody… Unless I’m drunk.”

Eliminations: During the now-customary “dealbreakers” Q&A, Nicole 86’d Kara when the latter said skinny dipping was “crazy” and not “crazy fun.” Next to go: Raven, who would rather enjoy the pleasures of feathers than the thrill of handcuffs. Shrugged the exiting bombshell: “I don’t like pain.”

So tell us: Which woman do you think is best for Nicole? And who will Kailyn choose? And, lest we forget, did Pauly pick the right gal? Tune in on Thursday at 9/8c to find out what happens next – and to see Derrick Henry from The Challenge: Final Reckoning play Game of Clones.