Frank Ocean's 2016 Boys Don't Cry Zine Has Been Reissued – Act Fast

You'll be able to read a poem about McDonald's by Kanye West

The elusive, mysterious webstore of Frank Ocean is back again. The first thing you'll see after you enter its clickable doors is the reissue of his limited-edition 2016 print magazine Boys Don't Cry. The massive, 368-page behemoth issue costs $80. It's expensive, but for this slice of history that released simultaneously with Ocean's 2016 album Blondethe price is easily justified.

Boys Don't Cry was announced by Ocean in 2015 but wouldn't see its release until a year later. It's a massive, sprawling experience featuring a personal essay explaining the creation of Blonde, a transcript of a conversation between Ocean and rapper Lil B, a screenplay for a mysterious coming-of-age show idea called Godspeed, a collection of photographs showing everything from Ocean's home interior to BMWs and sculptures, and tons of other things best left a mystery. Of course, also, there's the infamous McDonald's poem contributed by Kanye West. It's a feast for the imagination that congregates various aesthetics and colors to create a truly unique experience.

Could the second issue of Boys Don't Cry be in the works? We don't know. For now, all we can do is appreciate its first issue in all of its unique glory. That's the beauty of Frank Ocean as a whole; he's so mysterious that each of his moves could mean everything and nothing at all simultaneously. Earlier this month, his Tumblr account was updated to reveal that the world would receive something new on March 1. If the mysterious post is to be believed, it will include SZA, Kendrick Lamar, and André 3000 in some capacity. (Of course, it might be fake, too, but we'll find out.)