YouTube/Alec Benjamin

Alessia Cara And Alec Benjamin’s Acoustic ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ Duet Is Beautifully Simple

The Queen of Covers strikes again

Alessia Cara, otherwise known as the Queen of the Cover Kingdoms (a Game of Thrones reference to the uninitiated), can acoustic-ize any song that's put in front of her; Coldplay's "Yellow" and Shawn Mendes' "Stitches" are two recent examples that immediately come to mind. For her latest treat, she's joined songwriter Alec Benjamin for an acoustic rendition of "Let Me Down Slowly," the duet that the pair released in January.

The simple performance strips down the noise in favor of Cara's softness, Benjamin's hint of raspiness, and their vocal embrace that results in a marriage of harmonies. Benjamin plays the guitar as he sings, providing the only camouflage for their live voices. Each of their disparate chords strokes the other's, intertwining Cara's sky-reaching range with Benjamin's deeper, broader sonic atmosphere. It ends with a striking of fists and nervous laughs. They can't believe that it sounded this good live.

Benjamin is beginning to make a lot of noise. He originally released "Let Me Down Slowly" on his 2018 mixtape Narrated for You. Last month, he released the updated version featuring Cara.

As for Empress Caratine of the Cover Empire (a reference to the original Star Wars trilogy for those unaware), her second studio album, The Pains of Growing, came out in November. Since then she's put her foot into a mesmerizing mash-up of Destiny's Child classics and took on the role of Cupid in Kyle's video for "Babies." You'll definitely see her around; she won Best New Artist at the 60th Grammy Awards last year.

Breathe in the simplicity of the beautiful sounds in the video above.