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Kehlani And Dom Kennedy Confront The Ashes Of A Bad Relationship On 'Nunya'

The song keeps it real with an old flame about how much better her new man is

With her sharp tongue and ability to sing softly enough to calm even the most violent storm, Kehlani is a catch. To have her and lose her has to be a fate worse than death. Her latest release, "Nunya," proves this as an angry message to a distraught lover — and with help from a morose, indifferent verse from Dom Kennedy — about leaving her the hell alone. Don't let Kehlani's soothing singing style fool you; this is a rant, not a ballad.

Even though "Nunya" is a little slower and smoother than the energetic, feisty Kehlani that the world is used to, Kehlani's lyrics here are daggers. Here's a plot synopsis: Kehlani sings about a relationship with a man who decided to get friendly with other women. After finding out and leaving, she finds someone else and, of course, here comes the bad guy snooping around. The song is a confrontation of sorts, a climax to the boiling frustration felt from the entire situation.

"You put on a show / 'Cause you don't want the world to know / That you lost a girl who got it on her own / It'd be good for you to let it go, let it go, let it go," she sings, drawing blood with each slash of her tongue. Kehlani lets her ex know that her new man has more money and, well, girth than him. Kennedy comes in at this point and gives his own perspective on the situation. He acknowledges the wrongdoing and comes to the realization that he messed up — big time.

"Nunya" appears on her upcoming mixtape While We Wait that is set to drop on Friday. The project will also include her previously released tunes "Nights Like This" and "Butterfly."

Listen to the agency-claiming tune "Nunya" up above.