(Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball)

Robyn Lets The Youth Have The Spotlight In 'Send To Robin Immediately' Video

These kids create some beautiful memories

Robyn's music radiates a thick, sweet musk that is heavy on emotion and atmosphere. Her eighth studio album Honey dropped in October. "Send To Robin Immediately," one of the LP's standout tunes, is perhaps one of its most breezy numbers and it has finally received its due video accompaniment. Taste the experience below.

"Send To Robin Immediately" is all about the collective dream that it immerses the viewer in; from its opening forest scene made up of dancing kids and mountains of wafting mists, to the behind-the-shoulders viewpoint of its ending that follows a trek through a vast field. In between these shots and sets are frames of youth that either makes the listener recall similar memories or makes them anxious to create ones of their own.

Shirtless lovers embrace on a dock as the sun burns into the surrounding river, teenagers sit precariously perched on a cliff at night, basking in the beauty of a far off city's lights, a spinning camera captures a pair's passionate kiss followed by genuine, heart-racing smiles. Robyn's weightless vocals and the ethereal production round out the mystifying experience.

In December, Robyn released an equally captivating video for Honey's title track. In contrast to the fuzziness of "Send To Robin Immediately," the video for "Honey" centers around warmth that comes from its red hues and influx of nameless, voiceless, dancing bodies. If it wasn't clear yet through the course of her 24-year career, Robyn knows exactly what she's doing with this video thing.