Love Heptagon: Pauly D Is Dating Seven Versions Of His Celeb Crush

Also featured on the debut of MTV's 'Game of Clones': Kailyn Lowry from 'Teen Mom 2'

Let the games begin!

Game of Clones, a new dating series that features MTV stars meeting seven lookalikes of their celebrity crush, kicked off tonight with none other than Jersey Shore’s Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio and Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry.

So what went down, and were the love hopefuls able to look beneath the surface to find their soul mate? Find out in our recap:


    His celeb crush: a certain foxy actress who Pauly says has “the light eyes, the tan skin, the dark hair, the smile – she’s perfect.”

    His reaction to seven clones: “Holy clones!”

    Immediate standouts: Shawn, a recent law school graduate, proved she’s a dangerous woman (sing it, Ari!) by warning Pauly, “I could sue you if you don’t pick me.” And Olivia asked for – and got permission to -- touch Pauly’s hair. Her reaction? “It’s really not moving.” Well, duh.

    Eliminations: During a “sudden death” game, Pauly posed the girls deal-breaker questions to weed out the, well, undesirables. The first to go: Holly, who said she doesn’t want kids, while Pauly wants eight. The second? Lexi, who said she hits it and quits it after sex, unlike the newly reformed DJ. Later, Pauly eliminated Shawn and Lauren because – let’s be blunt – he just wasn’t that into them. Holly, for one, took it in stride, claiming Pauly wasn’t her type anyway. “Abs don’t do it for me,” she said. “I’m kind of into dad bods.” Sure, Holly. Sure.


    Her celeb crush: a boujee rapper/singer who Kail says has "the right amount of swag.”

    Her reaction to seven clones: “I don’t know what the f*ck I signed up for.”

    Immediate standouts: A gentleman named Phillyp wasn’t shy about appreciating Kailyn’s, um, assets. “She came in here thick as a Snicker,” he said. “A white-chocolate Snicker.” Then there was Rico, who made an impression by proclaiming, “I am a model. Not to be cocky, but women are always in my DMs and reaching out to me, because I’m a good-looking guy.” No, dude, you’re definitely cocky.

    Eliminations: During her own deal-breaker Q&A, Kail booted Ikenna because he only wants sex in the sheets while she sometimes wants sex on the beach (seriously, girl, we’re blushing). Meanwhile, Phillyp got 86’d after admitting he only washes his sheets once a month while Kail needs a man who launders weekly. His reaction? “I feel like Kail is missing out on a whole lot,” he said, taking off his shirt to prove it.

So tell us: Who do you think Pauly and Kailyn will choose? Tune in on Thursday at 9/8c to find out what happens next – and to see The Challenge: Vendetta’s Nicole Zanatta play Game of Clones.