YouTube/St. Vincent

St. Vincent Delivers A Haunting Vision Of The Future In 'Masseduction'

Faceless dancing avatars, giant pink rings, and a destroyed landscape, oh my!

St. Vincent's new video for "MASSEDUCTION" makes little sense when you're watching it, so don't try too hard to search for a larger meaning. After snagging two trophies at the 61st Grammy Awards last night, with one being Best Rock Song for this very tune, the singer decided to let loose the accompanying visual today that's extremely creepy. Take a look at the doomsday-themed video below.

"MASSEDUCTION"'s video has a ton of random moving parts that come together for a dystopian package. Over the course of its near-four minute run time, you'll be exposed to the kind of visual content that would send post-apocalyptic enthusiasts into sensory overload; there's the singer's head being held up by hands while pink rings radiate from inside of it, dancing, faceless figures clad in orange jumpsuits scarier than any horror movie villains of the last decade, and a nuclear bomb's mushroom cloud looming in the background as an imposing presence. St. Vincent's funky tune connects these pieces together, creating a haunting, cataclysmic experience of time, down the line, that has went awry.

In addition to picking up the trophy for Best Rock Song last night, St. Vincent performed the futuristic tune with Dua Lipa on the Grammy stage in all of its peculiar splendor. Her 2017 album of the same name also won the award for Best Recording Package.