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BTS Pulled An All-Nighter To Work On Their New Album Before The 2019 Grammys

Confirmed: BTS are the hardest-working guys in music

Do BTS sleep? Because I'm starting to believe that they're just seven handsome cyborgs who don't need sleep and nutrients like the rest of us mere mortals. How else would they be able to power through a long night of recording before showing up to the 2019 Grammys glowing and looking like actual royalty.

The seven members of the South Korean septet — RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — have a lot to celebrate these days. Two No. 1 albums, a sold-out world tour, their first stadium show in the U.S., an inspiring stop at the United Nations, and now a night at the Grammys, a.k.a music's biggest night. But that doesn't mean BTS are getting complacent, or — heaven forbid! — slowing down. Nope.

Instead, these guys are already hard at work on their next album. In fact, according to leader RM, they stayed up all night recording their forthcoming release before catching a flight to Los Angeles for the Grammys.

If this is how BTS look after pulling an all-nighter, then I need their skin care recommendations ASAP.

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"We still try to stay ourselves," RM told Entertainment Tonight. "We still try to keep on what we’re doing. For example, we stayed up all night to work on our next album, right before the flight."

When pressed for even more details about their next album, BTS were hesitant to reveal too much, telling Billboard, "The concept is paying off. I hope [the fans] love it, and they listen to it, and they like it." Given their history of producing music that inspires people of all ages and cultures to love themselves, fans around the world will love whatever comes next.

As for whether the group will relax after they present on the Grammy stage, the answer, said vocalist Jimin, was a short and sweet, "No." That's because the group already have after-party plans of their own. BTS confirmed that they'd be going live on Korean streaming platform V Live to connect with ARMY and reflect on their big night.

OK, so maybe BTS aren't robots. They're not impeccably dressed machines. They're just really passionate about what they do, and they're just enjoying the ride — every insane step of the way.