Meatball-In-The-Oven: These Are Snooki's Most Priceless Pregnancy Moments

From 'Jersey Shore' to 'Snooki & JWOWW,' Nicole brought plenty of (belly) laughs

Nicole Polizzi's munchkins Lorenzo and Giovanna are six and four, respectively, but before the Jersey Shore nuggets entered Karma this world (and grew up!) Snooki chronicled the good (and hysterical) moments of pregnancy on MTV.

Now, with Snooki expecting her third bundle of joy (any day now!), we can't help but reminisce about that time she spent all of Jersey Shore Season 6 pregnant with little Lorenzo, plus the final season of Snooki & JWOWW when she was expecting sweet Giovanna. With that in mind, here are our favorite moments from Snooki's road to motherhood:

  • When she arrived in Seaside Heights

    Nicole knew she was in for some hard times when she showed up at the shore house six months pregnant in Season 6. After questioning whether or not "it's trashy to see a pregnant lady at a club" (nah, girl -- you can still beat the beat at Karma with a mocktail!) and having to skip the tanning salon, Snooki opted to make it easier on herself by getting her own digs next door.

  • When she stole a stuffed animal

    Snooki's sticky fingers got the best of her during a Season 6 outing to the arcade when an oversized plush leopard caught her eye. So she took it... for the baby, we presume? Cue Jenni: "Dude, I don't want to see another mug shot of you, only this time seven months pregnant." More importantly, what would Crocodilly think?

  • When she had 'old cow' cravings

    Naturally, Nicole had to trade her usual Shore shenanigans for many a dinner date with Jionni -- including one in which she refused a bite of his veal because "it's a baby cow." When Jionni gently reminded her of the cheeseburger she ate earlier, she justified it because "it was an old cow."

  • When she went scootin' around Seaside

    With Vinny under the weather during Season 6, he and Snooki decided to have some fun while the rest of the roommates went out. Their activity of choice? Making like Karen and Vincenzo, a not-quite elderly duo who donned imaginary salt 'n pepper wigs to ride scooters up and down the boardwalk... and right into the club.

  • When she held the Meatball Auditions

    Because she was "knocked up," Snooki hosted public auditions for a self-replacement -- because, you know, Deener needed a MIC (meatball in crime) to play with in Seaside while Nicole did pregnant-lady things. So what was Snooki looking for in an MIC? Gals who were "horizontally gifted" and could do body shots off of old guidos.

  • When nature called

    Nicole has never let anything get in the way of a good ol' fashioned poop -- including prenatal yoga. During the final season of Snooki & JWOWW alongside her bestie (Jenni was expecting little Meilani), Snooki hit up a mommy-to-be workout sesh but quickly slipped out due to an urgent number two. Hey, when ya gotta go...

  • When she felt like 'a pregnant virgin'

    Before her wedding to Jionni -- and while pregnant with Giovanna -- Nicole enlisted Jenni to do a little wedding-dress shopping. Upon trying on a white gown, our meatball made Madonna proud by declaring, "I feel like a pregnant virgin."

  • When she just. had. enough.

    There comes a time in every pregnant woman's (nine-month) life when she's ready to get that baby out. Nicole found herself there and then some while filming Snooki & JWOWW, which led her to research tips on how to induce labor. At one point, the expectant mama bounced on an exercise ball only to announce, "I feel pressure in my vagina!" Must have helped, because she went into labor shortly thereafter.

Which of Snooki's meatball-in-the-oven moments do you love the most? Tell us your faves, then stay with MTV News for any and all developments relating to her upcoming baby boy!