Love On The Brain: Pauly D Finally Met His Dream Girl

Or, at least, seven exact replicas of her

Smush Room begone!

Jersey Shore star Pauly D is looking for true love, and he's hoping to find it on MTV's upcoming dating show, Game of Clones.

"I'm not looking for a casual hookup," he says in a sneak peek of the series, below. "I'm at a point in my life right now [where] I want more than that. I want the substance."

But alas, old habits die hard, and Pauly apparently wants "substance" with a hefty side of "sexy": His perfect woman, he announces, is Megan Fox.

Pauly's request is easy peasy for the folks behind the new show -- they found seven women who look just like Ms. Fox (Game of CLONES -- get it?). But there's a catch: They all have extremely different personalities, and the DJ has to decipher which is most likely to be his soul mate.

So what does Pauly think when he sees his first Megan Fox lookalike (and his second, and his third and...well, you get the picture)? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Game of Clones on Thursday at 9/8c!