Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Chris Pratt Just Won The Only Award That Really Matters This Awards Season

'Boom chic-Cacao cao!'

Chris Pratt wasn't even on our awards season radar, and he just up and shocked us all by taking home the best prize of the season. The newly engaged actor took to Instagram on Tuesday (January 29) to "brag" about his surprising gold-standard achievement.

"I hate when celebrities brag on here... but I have to," he began. "Our ewe (female sheep) named 'Cacao' just took home a blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza!!!! Boom chic-Cacao cao!" He also attached a photo of Cacao's freshly shorn wool.

According to People, Pratt's ewe took home the prize at Washington State University's Country Living Expo in Stanwood, Washington. In addition to Fiber Palooza!, the expo also hosts a chicken and duck egg weigh-off, a trade show, a keynote speaker, and a long list of classes like "The Scoop on Poop" and "Beekeeping for Beginners."

Pratt has been leaning into the #farmlife for over a year now, frequently taking to Instagram to post about his side-hustle raising livestock and to marvel at the beauty of life. According to his previous posts, he raises sheep, chicken, pigs, and cattle on his organic farm. (He has also sparked some backlash after revealing he raises animals for slaughter.)

While his blockbuster performances in the Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World franchises have cemented his place as an action star, Pratt's blue ribbon win solidifies his standing as a prize-winning farmer — which, honestly, seems to suit him.

Really, have you ever seen the actor with a bigger, shinier smile than the one that spread across his face after wrestling a ram into a mani/pedi?