Catfish Poll: Was Deven A Victim -- Or A Habitual F-ckboy?

Some men like to have their cake and eat it too

A young man named Deven had our sympathy after being deceived by an Internet fraud on this week’s Catfish, but by episode's end, we had to wonder: Was he truly a victim, or just a bona fide f-ckboy?

The 27-year-old, from Arizona, had met (and fallen for) 23-year-old James on a dating app. But get this: Just like every other catfish in the history of ever, James would never talk on the phone or FaceTime, but he did constantly ask Deven to meet up (usually in Las Vegas). Weird, right? Nev and this week's guest host, former NFL star Rashad Jennings, sure thought so and quickly began investigating.

Before long, they had a pair of suspects. First, there was Juan, a former coworker of Deven's who was apparently crushing on him. Second, Deven mentioned a guy he knew in Vegas -- an FWB, to be blunt -- but insisted he wasn't likely to be the catfish.


When Nev, Rashad and Deven traveled to Nevada to meet the Internet fraud, it was indeed Deven's jumpoff (aka Sha'Quan). So why'd he create the fake profile? First, to lure Deven to Sin City.

“I texted him to hang out as 'James,' and then, if he came to Vegas, 'James' wouldn’t show up," Sha'Quan said. With "James" a no-show, he reasoned, Deven would then probably text him for a booty call.

Kind of sad yet clever at the same time, right?

But mostly, Sha'Quan said, he was trying to keep in touch with his crush -- one who, basically, was always hitting it and quitting it.

“I wanted to see how he was doing, but every time I try to talk to him, he doesn’t respond," Sha'Quan said. You know, despite the fact that they were having intermittent sex.

"Is that true?" Nev asked Deven.

"Yeah. I just…yeah," Deven answered, before declaring, “If I didn’t text [him] back, why wouldn’t that give him the hint? You can’t just beat a dead horse -- it’s already dead."

And that's when Rashad jumped in with some horse sense of his own. (See what we did there?)

"But if the horse is dead, everybody can say the horse is dead," he said. "It sounds like Sha'Quan is saying he never got the scoop that the horse was dead.”

Regardless, Deven was unapologetic. “I’m just not into him enough to be in a relationship with him," he said, before adding that anyone in their right mind "would understand that."


For his part, Nev pointed out that Deven was sending mixed signals -- sentiments that were repeated the next day by Sha'Quan's friend Tiara, who compared Sha'Quan's catfishing to Deven's f-ckboying.

“[Deven] did the same thing," she said, noting that Deven would message Sha'Quan, lead him on, and then ghost him. "He’d get what he wanted and disappear.” Then, turning to Deven, she said, “That’s where the confusion is coming from. [You’re saying] you’re not attracted to him -- he’s not your type or whatever -- but he’s enough for you to hook up [with].”

So was Deven apologetic then? Nah. His reply: “Yeah. That’s all it was for me.”

The FWBs went their separate ways, but we've got to ask: Did Deven bring all this upon himself by sending out mixed signals, and is he just a typical f-ckboy? Or is it just as much Sha'Quan's fault, as he kept going back for, um, more? Vote in our poll below and then share your opinion!