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Zoey Deutch And Glen Powell Had A Set It Up Reunion While You Were Watching The Golden Globes

Now can we get a sequel already?!

This year's Golden Globes gave us picture-perfect moments from a slew of gorgeous couples — Bradley and Irina! Emily and John! Kristen and Dax! — but the best may have come courtesy of a duo whose romance exists only onscreen. Rom-com lovers, get ready to squeal your heart out, because Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell just gave us the Set It Up reunion we've been dying for.

The Netflix co-stars were among the throngs of Hollywood elite who descended upon the Beverly Hilton on Sunday night (January 6), and they devised a hilarious, uh, set up for InStyle's photo booth. Behold: Zoey and Glenn's oh-so-elegant and super graceful elevator trip, in which he's juuuust a little too much for her to handle.

Hey, they tried!

If anything, this incredible reunion further proves just how needed a Set It Up sequel is. In the first flick, Zoey and Glen starred as two overworked assistants who plot to match-make their overbearing bosses in an attempt to free up their social lives. Naturally, they fall for each other, dancing and pizza-eating shenanigans ensue, and they live happily ever after... right?

Director Claire Scanlon previously said that a second movie may be in the works, so hopefully that mystery will be solved soon enough. In the meantime, we'll have this adorably goofy clip to hold us over.