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Lady Gaga's Ally Gets A Billboard In Hollywood, Just Like In A Star Is Born

It's even in the same spot

A star really was born! Ally, Lady Gaga's fictitious superstar birthed by Jackson Maine in the Bradley Cooper-directed A Star Is Born, has a real-life billboard outside of Los Angeles's storied Chateau Marmont — the same hotel where Ally and Jackson are staying when they admire a similar billboard from their balcony in the movie.

Either we've all stepped into an alternate universe where Ally has taken over Lady Gaga's music career, or A Star Is Born is gearing up for a very fun Oscars campaign.

Truly, either of those options would be fine, but it's most likely the latter, considering the film is already on track to be generously recognized by the Academy (and the fact that Gaga and Cooper have already discussed their Oscars performance plans). The buzzy remake has received Golden Globe, Producers Guild, Screen Actors Guild, Critics' Choice, and even Grammy nominations — all of which indicate that Hollywood is really into this movie. Plus, the Academy has previously announced that the song from the movie that's made the most noise, "Shallow," is on the shortlist for Best Original Song, so we know the voters are fans.

While the voters mull over their ballots, the film's two stars are getting ready to make their first awards season play at the Golden Globes. On Friday (January 4), the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced that Gaga and Cooper will be presenting at the ceremony where A Star Is Born is nominated in five categories — including Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture.

Get ready to see Jackson and Ally everywhere over the next few months!