Catfish Rejection: Should Alice Have Been Brutally Blunt With Nique?

Sorry, girl -- she’s just not that into you

A woman let her online love down easy during this week’s Catfish, but would it have been better if she’d just told her the cold, hard truth in the first place?

Nique, a 19-year-old from Texas, had met a pretty model named Alice on Tumblr more than a year ago and, in that time, the two formed a special bond.

“She gets me; she makes me feel loved,” Nique told Nev and this week’s guest sleuth, “Ex’s & Oh’s” hitmaker Elle King. But despite plenty of flirting and the exchange of “sexy” photos, LA gal Alice refused to videochat or visit Nique. That was disturbing enough, but the situation truly circled the bowl when Nev called Alice directly.

“I just don’t think TV is the best place to do this thing,” she said of a possible meetup. “I’m sorry – I don’t really want to talk about this anymore. Please don’t come to LA.”


Regardless of the hang-up, Nev and Elle headed to Cali with Nique and, eventually, Alice agreed to meet them. So was she someone completely different than the person in the photos she’d sent Nique? Nope -- Alice was 100% real. But her excuses for never meeting Nique were flimsy at best and, after Nev pressed her for the truth, he got it.

“I used to be romantically interested in her, and then I stopped feeling that way,” she admitted. “When I was saying I don’t feel like TV is the best place for this, I meant it’s probably not the best place for me to tell her I don’t have romantic feelings.”

But Nique remained blissfully ignorant, eagerly asking Alice, “I do want to eventually come to California for school -- if you’re still in the area, would you want to be in an actual relationship with me?”

“I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for,” Alice replied. Yet she quickly softened the blow, adding, “But there’s so much possible in a few years.”

Unfortunately, her mixed signals were only seen as affirmations; Nique then happily told Nev and Elle, “There’s a possibility for a romantic relationship.” And that’s when, with the entire mess getting messier by the minute, Alice decided she finally needed to lay out all her cards.

“I feel like a lot of the things I was saying were being misinterpreted,” she told Nique. “I thought that I made it very clear that I didn’t want to pursue a relationship … I really don’t have an interest in a romantic relationship with you. I tried to make it sound better, and I should have been more blunt, but … I felt really pressured.”

Nique’s response: “You should have been blunt.”

The pair went their separate ways and, two months later, reported that their friendship was still intact. But we can’t help but wonder: Should Alice have been “blunt” with Nique right off the bat, or was she doing the right thing by trying to let her down easy? And better yet, have you ever been in the same position as Alice and, if so, what did you do? Share your stories, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 9/8c.