The Blame Game: Was Dallas Being Victim Shamed By His Catfish?

It all started with an exotic dancer named Safari. Yes, really...

A 26-year-old hottie discovered his Instagram sweetheart wasn’t who he expected on tonight's episode of Catfish, but did he have a hand in his own disastrous fate?

The drama unfolded when Dallas, an LA resident, contacted Nev and this week's returning guest sleuth Tallulah Willis. He'd met an exotic dancer named Safari on Instagram two years before, and after she slid into his DMs, the two began steadily conversing. But they'd never met, FaceTimed or talked on the phone, even though Safari had sent plenty of, um, suggestive photos and videos and proven she had a true wild streak by asking Dallas if he’d ever do a threesome with her and his roommate Kevin.

But alas, Safari wasn't Safari, yet Safari was involved in the whole ruse. Let us explain: When Dallas finally came face to face with the person posing as Ms. S, he met William, who said he'd seen Dallas a few times "around town" and thought he was "a really hot guy." And one night, he said, Safari – aka his best friend – suggested the scheme to help him bag Dallas.

"We were … drunk, and she was like, 'You should just DM him,'" William said. "And I’m like, 'I don’t think he’s gay.' She’s like, 'Just look at how he’s posting his photos on Instagram -- he’s got an ‘only fans’ page that he uses to target the gay community.’”

An "only fans" page? Well, yeah. Turns out, Dallas was posting nudes on a special account which earns him money from subscribers. And somehow, William decided he could convince Dallas to do a threesome with Safari and Kevin – but at the last minute, he planned, he’d replace Kevin and be the meat in a Dallas/Safari sandwich.

Meanwhile, Nev wasn't cool with William’s explanation. “It kind of feels like you’re trying to blame him for the fact that you lied,” he said.

“It's not lying," William answered. "I’m not pretending to be someone."

Nev response: “You’ve been pretending to be Safari for two months."

Undeterred, William further pressed Dallas on the IG issue, asking him, “If you’re not f*cking gay, why do you sell to the community and make money off the community?”

And that’s when Tallulah came to Dallas' defense. “I think that’s a really unfair argument. It’s like saying if girls dress a certain way, that means something about them.”

Meanwhile, Nev wondered if Safari really gave her blessing to the entire hoax but eventually found out she sure as hell did. When Nev, Tallulah and Dallas met her, she announced that she told William he could use her photos so he could “get Dallas”; she’d then be a “matchmaker.”

Dallas' response? "This is crazy."

But Safari didn't think so.

"Dallas, I’m not telling you that what you’re doing is wrong," she said, "but the way your content is on your Instagram, it seems like you’re reaching out to a certain sexuality. You’re reaching toward the gay community in order to make money."

But again, Nev and Tallulah disagreed, with Ms. Willis saying that what Dallas posted versus his sexuality was, basically, none of their business.

The group eventually parted ways for good, but we have to ask: Do you think William was victim shaming Dallas, and was it messed up for him to concoct a ruse based on assumptions? Or was Dallas giving mixed signals via his IG account, and is it indeed wrong of him to profit off the gay community? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.