Will Therapy Really Heal Ashley And Bar's Young And Pregnant Relationship?

Despite their setbacks, Holly’s parents are determined to make it work

Ashley and Bar have unfortunately been unable to curb their fighting on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. But Holly's parents are determined to make their relationship work regardless -- and have therapy to thank.

Ashley revealed at the reunion show that although she and Bar were still living apart after their domestic dispute and his subsequent arrest, things were better between them. One reason: They were attending counseling both separately and together.

“We took some time apart. He’s going to therapy, I’m going to therapy, we’re going to therapy together,” she said.

Bar had positive things to say about his therapy experience too. He had also been attending anger management classes and said the latter “helps me get through a lot of stuff” and allowed him to “find better ways to deal with myself mentally.”

The duo even said their engagement was back on, though they hadn’t set a wedding date yet.

“We’re taking it slow. Marriage is always going to be there,” Ash said. “I love this dude. So whether we do it tomorrow or 10 years later, I’m still going to be at his house every day.”

Ashley’s mom Tea likely won’t be attending the wedding -- she said at the reunion that her future-son-in-law “broke my heart and betrayed my trust." But do you think therapy can really repair Ashley and Bar’s relationship? Will they stay together (and get married) even without their families’ support? Tell us your thoughts, then keep checking back with MTV News for more Teen Mom scoop.