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Let Robyn's Warm 'Honey' Video Be The 'Piece Of Heaven' You Need Today

Anything can happen on the dance floor

Robyn's excellent new album, Honey, has been out in the world since October 26, and you've presumably danced to it approximately every day since then. Its highs, like fizzy opener "Missing U," are dazzling peaks, while its more experimental and gooey middle ("Send to Robin Immediately") pumps some air into the moment, letting everything else breathe.

And then there's the wonderful title track, whose four simple words – "come get your honey" — have become a bit of a rallying cry. There's something very comforting about the song's seemingly endless warmth, a key element that director Max Vitali preserved and even bottled for the music video, which dropped on Wednesday (December 5).

In it, Robyn and a crowd of dancers are artfully shot from a multitude of close angles, gradually panning out to reveal the full squad. It's neat. It also perfectly captures the song's underlying clubby pulse, its heartbeat and fulcrum, as Robyn's jetting vocals fill the spaces.

"I want to say thank you to all of you who came from near and far and danced with me," Robyn wrote on Instagram. "The video is for you and everyone who found a piece of heaven on the [dance floor]."

The clip reminds me most recently of Sam Smith and Calvin Harris together on "Promises" and Dua Lipa's equally sweaty, equally ecstatic "Electricity" video with Silk City, though Robyn's long career in dance music likely helped served as inspiration for those relative newcomers. It's always nice to see how dance celebration takes new shapes.

Watch the delightful "Honey" video above. Let its coziness warm your frigid bones.