Young And Pregnant Absence: Will Bar Miss More Of Holly’s Milestones?

He wasn't invited to his daughter's bday bash but swears that won't happen again

Ashley and Bar’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant relationship has been full of ups and downs, and this week’s double episode proved it. The up? Holly turned one year old with a mermaid-themed birthday party fit for a princess. The down? Ashley banned Bar from attending the party -- and oh yeah, she moved out of their apartment too.

First, Bar got released from jail after his domestic dispute with Ashley. And though she opted out of filing a restraining order to avoid getting the courts involved, Ashley broke things off with her baby daddy and moved in with her mom to figure things out.

“He has to go to court and deal with the consequences that come with putting your hands on somebody,” she said. “In talking to him, he is beginning to understand that, hey, in the real world, there are consequences to your actions.”

And one such consequence was not being allowed to attend his daughter’s first birthday party, as Ashley feared he’d cause a scene — and, to be fair, this crew and celebrations don’t mix...

“I feel like I wanted him there, but I feel like it was the best decision for Holly,” she later told her mom and sister. “I hope that next year, it’s a different situation.”

Meanwhile, Bar called his little girl on her birthday and told a pal that he’s “not missing her second birthday for nothing,” so both partners seem optimistic that things will be better in the future. But will they really be different? Will Bar be around for Holly’s future parties and milestones, or will he and Ashley continue their “toxic” relationship? Share your opinion, then watch the Young and Pregnant finale and reunion on Monday beginning at 10/9c.