Catfish Poll: Did Truth Imagine A Romance With Ray'Quan?

He says they were an item, but Ray'Quan begs to differ

Secrets were exposed, accusations were made and insults were hurled when a man met his Internet beau on this week’s Catfish. And now that the dust has settled, we’re left with one question: Who was in the right?

The case unfolded when 23-year-old Truth contacted Nev and this week’s guest host, DJ/producer Zeke Thomas (aka son of NBA star Isaiah), about 22-year-old Ray’Quan. The two had met in an Instagram group chat and apparently fallen for each other -- yet, despite plenty of phone chats and texts, they’d never met face to face.

But Truth may not have been as innocent as he seemed: After Nev and Zeke videochatted with him, the latter made an interesting observation. “I’m not sure Truth is telling the truth,” Zeke said, suggesting that the fashion design student was hiding something. And man, was he right: When the two later sat down with him, Truth revealed a) he’d been dating a girl named Cierra for a year; b) she had no idea he was into guys and hence didn’t know about Ray’Quan; c) Ray’Quan didn’t know about Cierra; and d) Truth wanted to be with both of them because, um yeah, everybody’s really gonna go for that.

Either way, Nev and Zeke seemed to have the case wrapped up almost immediately: Truth had been invited into that IG group by a frenemy named Kevon, and when they did some digging, they found that Kevon lived in Trenton (exactly where Ray’Quan was from) and his Facebook URL was the same as Ray’Quan’s Instagram handle.

So Ray’Quan was really just the evil Kevon, right? Wrong. Ray’Quan was for real -- but that doesn’t mean he wanted to stroll off into the sunset with Truth.

“I feel betrayed because you went to the extreme and did all this,” Ray’Quan said upon their meeting, obviously PO’d about being tracked down by the Catfish camera crew. “You got people calling people I know, asking about me.”

Undeterred, Truth had one question: “Are we together?”

“I never said we were together,” Ray’Quan spat. “I flirted with him but ... we never talked about a relationship.” Besides, Ray’Quan said, “If flirting gets you into a relationship, I’d be in a whole bunch by now.”

After tempers flared, Truth had one question: “What was the point of you coming?”

Ray’Quan’s response: “You were going to keep calling and texting everybody, so I came out here [to stop it].”

Later, Ray’Quan continued to insist that he and Truth weren’t romantically involved, adding that Truth contacting Catfish was just plain “extra.” The duo's face-to-face then grew even uglier, with barbs being hurled left and right (“You’re really ugly AF,” Ray’Quan said, while Truth offered, “Bitch, you look a f*cking mess”) before, finally, the two said goodbye for good.


But what do you think: Was Truth just being “extra” like Ray’Quan said, and did he imagine the duo’s romance? Or did Ray’Quan lead him on? Vote in the poll below, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.