Justin Long, Jonah Hill Hope To Be 'Accepted' Into Adam Sandler Film

'Scared Guys' could be the duo's fourth film together, and they're hoping it works out.

BEVERLY HILLS, California -- Up-and-comers Justin Long and Jonah Hill have developed their comedic courage in small roles, working alongside heavy-hitters like Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell and Adam Sandler. Now, they're making plans to get "Scared" together.

The 28-year-old Long and real-life pal Hill, 22, are in talks to star in "Scared Guys," a crime comedy being assembled by Sandler and his Happy Madison production company. If the deal comes together, it would be the fourth on-camera collaboration between the two young comedians, beginning with next week's paean to partying, "Accepted."

"We have been talking about doing a lot more together," said Long, best known for scene-stealing work in "The Break-Up" and "Dodgeball," as well as an inescapable series of recent Mac commercials. "Since 'Accepted,' we've done two movies after that [the upcoming 'Strange Wilderness' and 'One Part Sugar'], and we're talking about another one with Adam Sandler."

In between dead-on imitations of the stuttering "Click" superstar, Long explained the project that would reunite him with Hill -- who portrayed Sandler's overweight child in the remote-control flick.

"To get the blessing from a guy like Adam Sandler, there's no better compliment in the world," Long said.

In "Scared Guys," which focuses on a pair of agoraphobic goofballs afraid to leave their New York apartment, the pair become caught up in a potential murder. With life and death hanging in the balance, the two brothers venture into the scary world outside their doors. The project is currently searching for a director.

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"I love what those [Happy Madison] guys do," Long added, referring to such off-kilter flicks as "The Benchwarmers" and "Deuce Bigalow." "I grew up watching Adam, and he's one of those guys who inspired me. I've been watching him since I was developing my sense of humor. Just to hear him say, 'Oh, you're really funny; I saw that "Accepted." ' Just to hear the words come out of his mouth means so much for both Jonah and myself. He wants us to do something, and if it's not 'Scared Guys,' hopefully it will be something else."

In addition to the projects alongside Hill, Justin Long plays a dimwitted doctor in September's "Idiocracy," writer/director Mike Judge's follow-up to "Office Space."

The recently slimmed-down Hill, meanwhile, will star as Carell's assistant in next year's "Evan Almighty" and will also be seen in the Seth Rogen comedy "Knocked Up" and the Morgan Freeman drama "10 Items or Less."

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