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What Happens When Swae Lee, Young Thug, And Mike Will Made-It Step In The Ring?

Answer: Magic

Creed II is a boxing movie. The Creed II soundtrack is full of jams produced by Mike Will Made-It strategically designed to get you ready for the fight of your life. These two elements together make for a dynamic experience — but how would, say, Mike Will, Swae Lee, and Young Thug bring their atmospheric song "Fate" to life on TV, stripped of its intended context within the framing of a boxing movie?

They'd have to bring the ring with them. And that's exactly what they did on The Tonight Show Tuesday night (November 27), commanding the space for a bout-ready rendition of the song. Swae and Thug made appearances in boxing trunks and robes while Mike Will manned a turntable at the back of the ring. They went all out, man. Turnbuckle covers, water bottles, stools, and everything.

My favorite detail is how Swae wears a pair of gloves strung together around his neck. Or maybe it's how Thug's bottom half is sports-appropriate while his top half remains committed to a turtleneck and chain. Or actually, maybe it was Mike Will grabbing the overhead mic to set a vibe before launching into anything. The only detail missing was Michael Buffer, but I guess he's busy doing commercials, as always.

Creed II hit theaters last week, and while it failed to completely pummel its rival, Ralph Breaks the Internet, at the box office, it did earn a record-setting $55.8 million, the highest opening ever for a live-action film. That's just what happens when Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson get together.

Watch the performance above, then watch MTV News's recent interview with Thompson — where she breaks down her contributions to the film — below.