Jennifer Aniston’s Dumplin’ Trailer Introduces The Confident, Curvy Pageant Girl We Need

And there's a Dolly Parton-themed drag bar

The thought of Netflix putting out more content about a curvy girl entering the pageant world may make some people cringe, but here we are. The first trailer for Dumplin' has landed, and it actually seems promising that this will finally be the body-positive story young women deserve.

Based on the YA novel by Julie Murphy, Dumplin' is about a curvy teen named Willowdean Dickson (Danielle Macdonald) whose former beauty queen mother (Jennifer Aniston) runs their local beauty pageant. When Will decides to join said pageant as a "protest," a group of her similarly marginalized peers follow her lead.

Refusing to conform to the standards of beauty traditionally touted in pageants, the young ladies seek inspiration from Will's fave, Dolly Parton, and head to a local Dolly-themed drag bar for the aesthetic and confidence boost they need.

Oh yeah, and there's a love story tucked in there somewhere, which we get a small hint of with this heart-melting monologue: "Willowdean Dickson, I think you're beautiful. To hell with anyone else who's ever made you feel less than that."

Dumplin' also comes with a strong female footprint. It's directed by Anne Fletcher with a screenplay by Kristin Hahn and executive produced by Aniston.

All in all, this movie looks like a fun ride with all the self-love affirmations you could want. We'll find out for sure when Dumplin' hits Netflix on December 7.