Young And Pregnant Relapse: Will Sean Really Try To Get Sober?

Jade says she feels betrayed by her baby daddy...again

Things had been going in a more positive direction for Jade and Sean since their split on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. In fact, she’d been letting him stay over at her new apartment so he could spend time with Kloie. But unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

On tonight’s episode, Sean bailed on a family excursion to the pumpkin patch because he was sick. However, Jade suspected he was suffering from more than just a stomach ache, so she made him take an at-home drug test, which he failed.

“I’ve never felt so betrayed or stupid in my life,” she cried to the MTV cameras. “I feel like he doesn’t understand that drugs ruin everything. They’ve ruined everything I’ve ever had, so I don’t know why he would go and do this sh*t.”

As a result, Jade forbid Sean from seeing their daughter and kicked him out, forcing him to live in his car.

“I love him with all my heart and I want him to just be home, but I know that’s not what’s good for him or Kloie or me,” she told her cousin.

Later, when Jade told Sean that she was finally putting her foot down, he copped to his mistakes and promised he'd do anything to make things right.

“I’m just thinking that I want my f*cking family back, and I need to know what steps to take to do that,” he told her. “Whatever makes you feel better for me to be around my daughter, I’m going to do. When do you want me to check into this [rehab]? I’ll do it now if I f*cking have to. I’m serious.”

But is Sean telling the truth? Will he follow through on his promises to get sober, or will he let Jade and Kloie down again? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.