FWB Fail: Are Floribama's Gus And Nilsa Officially Over?

RIP, Gilsa

As Jeremiah and Nilsa both noted on Floribama Shore, "Actions speak louder than words." So now that the words have (finally) been said, will the actions follow suit?

To recap: Following Gus' rendezvous with another girl less than two days after he hunched Nilsa, the romance cover model opted to end his FWB status with his roommate once and for all.

"Friends with benefits ... sounds like a lot of fun, but it never works out that way," he said. "At the end of the day, she is a girl, and girls are emotional."

Sure, if that's what you want to call it, Gus. Especially when they find out about said post-hunch affair. Cue Nilsa: "That is kind of disgusting. It was less than 48 hours ago when we hunched, and now you're hunching another girl? At least let your wiener have time to heal from my vagina."

Fast-forward to Nilly's girls' day with Aimee (champagne-poppin' in the pool and beach streak included), and the PCB local shed her tears and resolved to keep her distance.

"I need to love myself enough to know when I'm not being treated like I need to be treated," she stated. "When it comes to Gus, I'm not gonna continue to let him get the best of me."

Meanwhile, upon planning their impromptu trip to Mexico, Father Jeremiah offered some advice of his own to Gus: "Whether she can claim that it's just casual sex or not, you know it's not true. And if you continue to do it, it just doesn't reflect well on you. My only advice: Make sure you cut it before we go."

Gus agreed that he wasn't about to let any Gilsa shenanigans ruin his fun in Cabo.

"There is no way in hell I'm going to Mexico and having anything lingering," said the Tallahassee native. "This is the end of the me-and-Nilsa snuggle sessions, the holding hands, the going out and being hip and hip. Because if we go to Mexico, and there's still thoughts lingering in her head, that's not going to be good for her or myself."

That's when he finally decided to "lay everything out on the table" -- a move Nilly wasn't having, at first. But eventually, she seemed to kiiiinda get it. "So what now?" she asked. "No more snuggling, kissing, holding hands, nothing? If you don't see a future with me, that's okay. I'll move on."

Gus' response: "I think that's the smartest thing."

We'd be lying if we said this conversation didn't sound insanely familiar. But what do you think: Could these two could really be a thing of the past? Or will they just return to their old ways? Tell us your opinion, then tune in to MTV Floribama Shore Thursday at 9/8c to see what goes down with Gilsa in Cabo.