Vince Staples Takes Us On A Wild Tour Of His Block Via Google Maps In 'FUN!' Video

His new album, 'FM!,' is out now

Vince Staples's new album, FM!, is out right now, as of Friday (November 2). As the brief but potent follow-up to 2017's Big Fish Theory — the dude cranks 11 tracks out of only 22 minutes of material — FM! hits like one big blast of energy instead of a dozen individual songs.

Part of that comes from the loose concept hinted at by the album's title, that the tracks are all radio discoveries: a theme executed by skits with "DJs" and "new songs" by Earl Sweatshirt and Tyga.

About halfway through, Vince and E-40 team up for the mischievous "FUN!," a track that's also the album's first music video. In a quick, pulse-racing two minutes, Vince takes us on a tour of his Long Beach community via Google Maps, complete with grainy zooms and plenty of local background activity. E-40's part is excised in favor of brevity, which seems to be the name of the game with all of FM!

The whole thing is amazing for what it crams into 138 seconds. In that span, we witness a fight, a robbery, an attempted arrest, and then... well, and then the ending turns the entire video around. No spoilers. But it's worth it. It'll make you think.

Watch the clip for "FUN!" above, then stream all of FM! — featuring additional appearances by Kehlani, Ty Dolla $ign, and more — below.