Jersey Shore Bride: Why We Love Lauren (Almost) As Much As Mike Does

The Situtation's new Mrs. is simply the best

The Sitch and Laurens are finally hitched!

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star and his lady love tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on November 1 -- and if we're being honest, we can't help but think that Mike is one lucky guido to have landed Lauren-with-an-s. (Yes, Lauren is fortunate too -- she did wed The Inspiration, after all.)

What we know about Big Daddy Sitch's college sweetheart, we adore. Not only does the resident Jersey Shore blonde mesh well with Mike's vacation fam, but she's stuck by her man when he's living his best life, Funfetties and all. And she's gorgeous, smart and funny to boot. Read on for all the reasons we love Mike's new wifey, Laurens:

  • She never once gave up on Mike.

    Back when Mike first got sober, he actually almost relapsed, but Lauren wouldn't let him. A high-speed car chase ensued, and when Mike got pulled over, he told the cop that "a crazy fan" was following him aka his girlfriend. "I actually said that to my girlfriend who was behind me trying to help me," he recently recalled to JWOWW. "I could not escape her. She was determined." Jenni found herself floored by Mike's story. "I love Laurens more and more," she said. "She just stuck by his side. She would not quit on Mike, and honestly, that is so freakin' wonderful."

  • She makes sacrifices for her relationship.

    Lauren and Mike originally wanted to get married in Italy, but they had to give that up due to The Situation's ongoing legal issues. "That's what our dream was, [but Mike] can't leave New Jersey or New York," she shared with the female roomies. "It's a process."

  • She keeps Mike in line.

    From regulating his cheat days to making sure his underwear is packed for vacation, Lauren keeps it all together for BDS. Like, he'd probably be lost (and commando) without her.

  • She's level-headed AF.

    Either Lauren has been listening to Mike's "motivational speeches," or she is just that wise. "You can't worry about things," she has said when talking about the uncertainty of Mike's court case. "You can be concerned and try to make arrangements for when it could go good and when it could go bad, but you can't have your emotions and your daily life revolve around it."

  • She tells it like it is.

    Whether she's calling out the roommates for being "a little intimidating," Jen for "feeling herself" at the club or giving her genuine take on sexy time, Lauren doesn't hold back -- and we love it. "Especially going to a good Italian place, I'm not gonna stuff myself and then have sex after. It's not gonna happen," she once confessed to Jenni. Sounds like Mike generally gets his dessert before dinner. Sorry, we had to.

  • She's got a kick-ass sense of humor.

    Remember when The Sitch confessed that he and Laurens had been speaking in plurals for awhile now? It's not all Mike. They both just think "it sounds funny." Hey, whatever floats your boats.

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