Which Are You The One? Perfect Match Was The 'Most Random'?

Season 7 left some of us scratching our heads

There's always some head-scratching Are You the One? perfect guy and perfect girl combinations. And for the Season 7 gang, who mixed and matched to get the $1 million prize, there is a distinct duo among the rest.

"It would have to be Asia and Tomas," Zak revealed to MTV News. "Looking back, it could have made sense, but at the time, it was the most random couple. When we were doing the strategy and picking the final matches for the last week, Asia and Tomas were the only reason that we were second guessing the strategy."

But there were some other PMs that were singled out. Cali and Tevin thought that Jasmine and Daniel were an interesting team ("they didn't talk at all," the latter stated), while Kenya believed Kwasi and Lauren were "completely different people." And then there's Bria's totally and completely expected answer.

"Zak and Morgan," she stated. "Throughout the game, I didn't feel like they were a match. I was genuinely surprised." Well, it did "happen."

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