Floribama Flare-Up: Will 'Mount Nilsa' Erupt When She Finds Out About Gus' Hookup?

He's moving on, but we're not so sure about her

Not even 48 hours have passed since Gilsa's hookup on Floribama Shore, and Gus is already out looking for more "baby girls." (Hey, he said it. He's a man, and he's "weak.")

Oh, and did we mention he actually brought one home? But let us backtrack a bit: The aftermath of Nilsa's long-awaited sip of hunch punch started out simply enough. The morning after, she was cool, Gus was cool, we were all cool.

"We did it. We got it out of our systems," Nilsa said, adding that she wants to hunch the Tallahassee native sober next time.

While Gus claims she was merely "marking her territory" after the repeated Kortni debacle, Nilly said their sexcapades actually meant something special to her. Her roommate, on the other hand? "At the end of the day, I know what I look for in a person, and I hate to say it, but Nilsa's just not that person," he said. "She doesn't have those qualities that I look for."

Ouch. Nilsa, come claim your reality check! Or at least sip on some of Candace's truth tea: "No, this is not gonna work out. I ain't never seen friends with benefits work out. Normally, somebody falls more for the other, and then somebody tries to kill somebody else."

Fast forward to the gang's night out at Newby's, where a gaggle of sorority girls caught Gus' eye -- which, in turn, caught the eye of Nilsa, who immediately entered c*ck-block mode and glued herself to Gus. This wound up being the romance cover model's breaking point.

"She comes up, latches onto me, starts trying to kiss me," he said. "I mean, that is the definition of a barnacle."

Candace finally stepped in to "save her a little bit of face" after Nilsa had one few too many Irish car bombs. Freedom in tow, Gus then moved on to a new girl with a "really, really nice booty" and brought her back to the shore house, unbeknownst to Nilsa.

"I see World War III happening a few hours when Nilsa wakes up and sees this chick in our house," noted Jeremiah. "Mount Nilsa is about to erupt, and all the people underneath shall perish."

We all know that the PCB local is going to find out, because there are no secrets on Floribama Shore. But will she keep her cool or she lose her sh*t like the house dad predicts? Sound off with your thoughts, then catch MTV Floribama Shore Thursday at 9/8c.