Floribama Affair: Will Gus And Nilsa's Hookup Be A 'Recipe For Disaster'?

Candace's words, not ours

Hey, at least they used a condom (unlike some people).

After tonight's MTV Floribama ShoreGus and Nilsa's "friends with benefits" status will be put to the ultimate test (emphasis on the word benefits). And funnily enough, their PCB rendezvous comes mere hours after Nilly's jealousy-fueled vendetta against that assh*le-lying monster Kortni was resolved.

About the latter: After Nilsa caught Kortni cuddling up to Gus, she announced she was "f*cking done" with their friendship. Well yeah, it's called "girl code." Still, Codi brought up a solid point: "This girl doesn't even use a bar of soap. She doesn't even use a toilet. And you expect her to understand girl code?" Touché, Codi. Touché.

Fast-forward to their night out at Coyote Ugly, and Gus threw down a little foreshadowing when it came to his hookup with Nilsa. "We're not an item! You see this necklace? Is there a 'Property of Nilsa' tag on this necklace? There's not," he said, noting Nilly's extreme jealousy. "This is why I will not actually hook up with her. I haven't [even] hooked up with her, and look how bad it is."

That's when Nilsa and her liquid courage decided to tell ol' Gussy boy what's up: "The whole 'friends with benefits' thing doesn't work out for me, 'cause I caught feelings for you, and you didn't, so it's okay."

But we all know it's actually not okay. Because after Gus said he didn't want to lead her on, she persisted, disregarding any excuses or potential red flags.

"I'm giving Nilsa every line in the book as to why this isn't gonna work," Gus said. "I'm not ready for anything serious. I'm not trying to get emotionally involved with anybody. I don't really like [her] like that, but she's still saying, 'We're gonna make it work.'"

And make it work, she did, as the PCB local didn't waste any time orchestrating a shared bed.

As noted in the previews, Candace is calling the duo's hunchfest "a recipe for disaster," but is it? Or could they possibly stand a chance in hell as a couple? Comment with your thoughts, and catch the Gilsa-hookup aftermath Thursday at 9/8c.