Are You The One? Reconciliation: Should Nutsa Have Taken Brett Back?

One minute she told him she was 'done,' the next they were kissing

Brett and Nutsa have been on different Hawaiian wavelengths throughout Are You the One? (in short, she has much more of an emotional attachment than he does). While they had a chance to enter the Truth Booth several weeks back, the rest of their cohorts (with an extra nudge from Brett) voted another way (he ultimately got a "no match" with Cali).

But leaping to tonight's episode: The installment ended with the two -- who have sat together four times at the weekly Match Up Ceremonies -- standing anxiously in the room with all of the AYTO answers.

"We got this," Brett told the "dating perfectionist" as they held each other before awaiting their fate.

But do they have "this"? Let's backtrack: Before the two were put together by a twist of fate button, Brett wasn't so convinced that she was the one.

"When it comes to little Nutsa, I think she's done everything she could to try to build this connection and try to give me her," the self-proclaimed "jealous type" confessed in an interview (you know, not in front of her). "And for some reason, I'm not doing the same. I can just have a physical, fun little connection but nothing deep, and I won't ever care if it ends or breaks off."

Yikes. But it only got tougher for Nutsa: Brett told her (to her face, this time) that he would sit with Bria at the upcoming Match Up Ceremony, prompting her to declare she was "done." Adding insult to injury: At the formal evening, he said he didn't "feel a spark" with her.

But the morning after (and after more than a few head shakes from his fellow love hopefuls the night before), he was disappointed in himself. And when the fate button deemed they should go on a getaway date, he said this outing was a "second chance." And Nutsta was there for it.

"I think you're great -- I think it's me getting in my own way a lot of times with things," he told her.

Nutsa's response? She compared Brett to her first boyfriend and how she gave the latter everything she had only to not get enough in return. Brett "hated" that she had those feelings and admitted that his previous connection with Cali was prohibiting him from "doing this again with a second person."

With that, they found common ground -- and kissed and made up.

She They might be convinced that they are a perfect match, but should Nutsa have taken him back so fast? Or should she have tried to pursue other guys during the 11th hour? Give your take -- and vote below if you think they are indeed a perfect match. Then don't miss Are You the One? next Wednesday at 10/9c!