Vinny Has A New Role On Family Vacation: Couples Counselor

When Ronnie clashed with Jen again, the keto guido shared worlds of wisdom

Sometimes, it takes a close friend (or family member) to truly open your eyes to what may be an unhealthy situation.

Ronnie has Vinny to thank for his latest relationship realization, one that came during tonight's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 -- right on the heels of Jen's tumultuous time spent with the crew in Atlantic City.

While his girlfriend's visit started out pretty tame -- she even apologized for her behavior and said the two had signed up for anger management -- it was short-lived. As the booze flowed, Jen turned Pauly's DJ gig into a moms-gone-wild night out.

After Ron attempted to cut her off from more shots, Ariana's mom bounced.

"She's fun, but she doesn't know her limit," Ronnie said. "She doesn't know when to be rational when she's intoxicated, and I think that's where our disconnection is. Bringing Jen out was hopefully to show everyone why we get along, but I feel like now they just see why we don't get along, and that's not what I wanted."

After 10 pizzas failed to lift Ronnie's spirits back in the hotel room, he turned to a certain keto guido for guidance.

"At this point, I don't know what to think with Jen. How much more can I deal with someone who's irrational, doesn't want to listen, gets angry [and] vulgar?" asked the new dad. "She just gets in this mood where she's uncontrollable, and that's where I've got to walk away. 'Cause if I try to fight it, she just gets crazier and crazier."

Often the Jersey Shore voice of reason, Vinny suggested that at the very least, Ron add this to his mental "list of why possibly she has issues," also suggesting that he make a tally of pros and cons about his baby mama.

"How much do you want to put up with that? Because you can go through that the rest of your life. You can be like, 'I'll let her have her tantrums; I'll control myself until forever.' If you want to do that, fine," the Staten Island native advised his friend. "But if you want to reach a point where you're like, 'Yo, I'm done,' keep the tally. And when [the bad] outweighs [the good], you know what to do."

Time will tell if Ronnie actually takes the pseudo couples counselor's advice and puts pen to paper, but in the meantime, what do you think about Ronnie and Jen's relationship? Tell us your opinion, then catch an all-new Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.