Julia Michaels And Lauv's Chemistry Is Off The Charts In 'There's No Way' Video

The sexual tension is real

What happens when two of the most honest, affecting voices in pop write a song together? In the case of Lauv and Julia Michaels, you get a dreamy bop, "There's No Way," that's fraught with sexual tension and tailor-made for an emotionally charged music video.

On Thursday (September 27), the singer-songwriters gave us exactly that. Filmed at the Palladium in Los Angeles, the video depicts an on-the-road romance, as the two play tourmates who share several intimate moments together. From Lauv covering Michaels with a blanket on the tour bus, to the two of them sharing a private dance on the abandoned venue floor (a scene that definitely echoes this one from Almost Famous), it seems as though their chemistry is unbreakable.

But just when you think their love story is a done deal, it's revealed that — right as they may be for each other — the timing couldn't be more wrong.

In a press release, Lauv said of the single, "For me the song is about meeting someone and immediately feeling that connection where you can’t help but have crazy chemistry, and though your lives don’t quite line up in that moment, you know someday everything could go down between you two."

Michaels added, "Writing with Ari is equal parts funny and serious. He’s the kind of person that can tap into an emotion and then say something random to break up the heaviness in a room. I love that about him."

And in case these two aren't cute enough for you, Lauv told a fan on Twitter that his favorite moment in the video was "getting to tuck julia in on the bus she was such a lil angel," while Michaels said hers is, "any time ari looks at me really."

Lauv and Michaels are slated to perform "There's No Way" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on October 1, so tune in if you want to see more of that magical chemistry.