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Robyn's Sweet New Song Invites You To 'Come Get Your Honey'

She finally released it, damnit 🍯

Robyn's "Honey" has been a thing of legend ever since an early version of the track appeared in an episode of Girls in the spring of 2017. That blessed but fleeting tease left the Robyn hive craving more, prompting feverish fans to spread the rallying cry #ReleaseHoneyDamnit. But as we all know, Robyn does things in her own damn time, thankyouverymuch, which is why she's waited all the way until today, September 26, to unleash the studio version of "Honey." Unsurprisingly, it was well worth the wait.

"Honey" is a sweet slice of pristine pop with vocals that are equal parts blissful, enticing, and aching. "No, you're not gonna get what you need / Baby, I have what you want / Come get your honey," Robyn coaxes over a throbbing beat. It's Robyn at her most bittersweet — arguably her best zone — and it's simply transcendent.

In a recent Time feature, Robyn described the making of "Honey," saying, "I spent more time on that song than I did on any other piece of music in my whole life. You know when you have those experiences that are fundamentally changing, or spiritual, almost? I wanted to make sure the song explained that. I wanted it to be more than mood. I wanted it to be a physical feeling."

The Swedish pop star presumably has more "spiritual" experiences in store on her forthcoming eighth album, also titled Honey. Her first proper LP in eight years includes the previously released single "Missing U" and arrives on October 26. Just one more month to go, damnit!