Strategic Planning: Will Cali's Are You The One? Idea Actually Work?

She's confident, but the rest of the gang isn't so sure

Devin pulling out the Red Solo Cups right before the last Match Up ceremony and Keith using his math skills to go from one beam to 11 in the final try are several key Are You the One? game moves. But is Cali about to secure her place in this elite MTV group?

During tonight's episode of the hit show, the "emotional rollercoaster" was tired of the gang's failure to progress in the perfect match department. So she took matters into her own hands -- for four key folks (including herself).

"Terrence, this is what's going to happen. I'm going to sit with Cam, [and] Kayla is going to sit with Tomas," Cali stated. "Last week we got four beams, so if we lose two beams, it means that both of us are confirmed matches. If we lose no beams, that means that neither of us are confirmed matches, but we won't black out because we're all the same. We're not going to black out."

She may be confident that she and Tomas and Kayla and Cam are indeed PMs, but her decision to hijack the formal evening was met with mixed reviews. While Asia believed it didn't "make sense" to be pulling this type of maneuver so late in the process, Moe was firmly on board with her tactic.

"These people keep sitting together -- we need a strategy to find out if Cam and Kayla and Tomas and Cali are really a match," Mo stated.

But what do you think: Are Cali and Thomas as well as Cam and Kayla really perfect together? Or do you think these pairs are doomed and Cali's ambitious maneuver will backfire? Tell us your theories, and to see how everything from this tension-filled evening unfolds, catch a brand-new Are You the One installment next Wednesday at 10/9c.