Getting Blunt: Does Are You The One's Lewis Regret How He Rejected Asia?

He said that she wasn't his 'type' (um, among other things)

Well, that was one hell of a rejection.

During tonight's brand-new Are You the One? episode, Asia asked Lewis why they hadn't kissed yet after nights of laying together and cuddling. And the man who hides behind humor was pretty serious with his response.

"I don't know what other way I can honestly say this without saying that you're not that attractive to me," Lewis stated. "You're not my type."

He didn't stop there with his "I'm just not that into you" speech and carried on with this: "If you could do things that are sexy that could make me go, 'Oh, that's sexy,' that would make me attracted towards you."

For her part, Asia, who didn't find the funnyman very funny, claimed that there was no way they were a match and he would regret this "big ass mistake."

But looking back at the somewhat contentious sit-down, does Lewis have any second thoughts about how he handled the situation?

"I stand by it because of how she presented it to me," he told MTV News. "If she had a calm demeanor, I probably would have presented it differently. But since she kinda pressed up on me and acted like I wasn't going to say what I meant, I said it."

But what does the future hold for Lewis and Asia?

"After this misunderstanding, it's going to go better," Lewis teases.

To see what that means (the mystery!), be sure to keep watching Are You the One? every Wednesday at 10/9c.