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Nick Cannon To Kanye West: Come On Wild 'N Out

The MTV host wants the rapper on the series' upcoming 200th episode

Nick Cannon is responding to Kanye West's choice words -- with a special Wild 'N Out invitation.

"I guess this is the way we communicating now in 2018, via social media," the MTV host stated in the Instagram video above. "I guess we don’t use phones and stuff like that no more. But just saying to my man Kanye that the 200th episode of Wild ‘n Out is upon us… you’re more than welcome. Let’s talk about it, man. Come on the show.”

Nick added they can have a "good time" and it could be "Mariah jokes and Kim jokes."

And speaking of Kim [Kardashian], that's the root of why Nick is encouraging Kanye to make a MTV cameo.

"I understand that you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview, don’t mention my wife," Kanye stated in the clip below.

But back to Nick's reaction: He addressed Kanye and claims he's "never said anything disrespectful or harmful, in my opinion, to your marriage or your union," but asserted that Kanye can't tell him what he can/can't say.

"I’m a solid individual; Somebody ask me a question, imma answer it to the best of my ability," Nick added (as seen above). "I’m going to give my opinion and ain’t no harm, no foul, but if it got your spirit feeling weird, holler at me."

Now we're awaiting Kanye's answer to Nick's request -- but in the meantime, be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Wild 'N Out tonight at 10/9c.