MTV Rewind: Relive Cheyenne's Biggest Challenge And Are You The One? Moments

Then stay tuned for more courtesy of 'Teen Mom OG'

Cheyenne is "excited" to be a part of the "Teen Mom posse" -- and it's safe to say this new experience will be unlike her previous MTV adventures.

In honor of Chey's upcoming Teen Mom OG debut, here's a look back at some of her highlights (so far) on this network. From her inaugural Are You the One? appearance (what types of guys did she attract?) to getting flirty with her daughter's father Cory to taking third place during Rivals III, take a look at her most memorable moments below. And be sure to catch her on tonight's "Meet the New Moms" special (with fellow newbie Bristol Palin), then watch Teen Mom OG every Monday (beginning next week) at 8/9c.

  • Let the search for the one begin

    As her Hawaiian journey began, the then-22-year old confessed she always "goes for the bad boys and the thugs." And then her jaw dropped when she learned about the blackout twist (the first time the game-changer was introduced).

  • Not-so-great date

    Chey may have gone on the season's first getaway (she chose Chuck to be her companion), but she spent most part of the dolphin swimming outing "trying to puke cute" (seasickness is the pits).

  • "We all are either going to win together, or we're going to lose together"

    Confirmed non-PMs continued hooking up (common issue), and Chey took an opportunity to encourage her fellow cast members (with a passionate speech, no less) to put bad habits in the past for the sake of the game. They kinda-sorta listened?

  • Presenting...Cheyenne and Tyler!

    The matchmakers deemed these two to be scientifically compatible -- but they didn't quite forge a romantic connection inside (or outside) of the house.

  • Entering the Challenge ring

    How did Team Princess wind up as rivals? They recounted their past beef (she had a major issue with the way he treated his on-again off-again gal Kiki) in the video above.

  • Exiting way too early...

    Call it the Rookie curse: The AYTO vets were selected by winners Jenna and Vince to face the first elimination -- and the two could not defeat Real World: Portland alums Johnny and Jessica in the Jungle.

  • ...but getting a second chance

    After Brandon opted to quit (therefore taking himself and partner Briana out of the running), Devin and Cheyenne triumphantly returned and replaced 'em.

  • Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

    This is what Cheyenne and Cory will show their daughter one day (aka their early days together during a night out in Mexico).

  • That elimination draw magic

    Eventual winner Johnny Bananas summed it up best about the duo's ability to escape the dreaded Black Skull: “No matter how many times we send this guy in, he continues to pull the White Skull.”

  • Taking the bronze medal

    Sure, they trailed the pack throughout the Argentina-based missions, but the two finished together (#2 issues aside), and Devin, who had racked up more points than Chey, opted to split their third place winnings.