Perfect Matches: Presenting The 'Are You The One?' Season 4 Love Hopefuls

Get to know the guys and gals featured on the hit dating series, which is returning on June 13

They say there is someone for everyone -- and soon enough, 20 guys and gals are going to get their chance to find their soulmate on Are You the One? The Truth Booth, match-up ceremonies and potential blackouts are BACK, folks.

Season 4 of the ambitious Hawaii-based dating series -- which is premiering on Monday, June 13 -- will once again put a group of handsome ladies and gents to the test to land their husbands and wives perfect match. The same rules from the previous installments still apply: If the gang is able to uncover these 10 scientifically deemed pairings in 10 tries, they’ll all split a cool $1 million -- like the casts from the three previous seasons were able to do.

But the game-changing shocker that rocked the Season 3 cast members is returning. A quick refresher: If at any point during the beams of light-filled formal occasions the crew fails to identify at least one compatible duo (known in the game as a “blackout”), it will cost them $250,000. So four instances of no shining bulbs = no prize. Uh oh, spaghettio...

However, the gang will have a chance to add $250,000 to the jackpot right out of the gate: On day one, the group will be asked who believes in “love at first sight.” The first three people to raise their hands will then need to walk over to their potential perfect match. From there, those three couples will go on dates as the rest of the cast deliberates which pair to send to the first Truth Booth of the season. If the couple is determined to be a match, not only will they prove that love at first sight is possible, but the extra moolah will also be added to the bank.

And now, the guys and gals who will be searching for a trip to the boom boom room romance! Who will be the next happily married couple like Amber and Ethan? Or on-again off-again on-again hookup buddies Kiki and Devin? Without further interruption, here they are!

Alyssa, 22, Illinois

Jamie Cary


Alyssa is the ultimate guy’s girl whose sorority lifestyle has her bouncing from one hookup to the next. Even though there are plenty of fish in the sea, what are the chances that she’s going to find her perfect match in the basement of a frat house? But the student knows that if she actually wants to make one of these hookups last, she’s going to have to slow things down. Can Alyssa find the one who can turn friendship into love -- instead of turning friendship into friends with benefits?

Camille, 23, New York

Jamie Cary


Camille is gorgeous -- she knows it, and the guys know it too. With fellas lining up to get her attention, snagging a date isn’t an issue for this waitress. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the time, these young men turn out to be a disappointment. With a big heart and dreams of starting a non-profit organization, Camille deserves better than what she’s finding. Can she snag that guy in the one percent -- the man who isn’t a jerk and will treat her with the respect that she deserves?

Emma, 22, Colorado

Jamie Cary


Emma -- an aspiring talk show host -- isn’t afraid to speak her mind or stir the pot. But all of her confidence and swagger hide some deep-rooted insecurity -- and when it comes to dating, the entrepreneur has a difficult time finding her voice. Ever since a disappointing breakup, Emma has become the back-burner girl and keeps guys at a distance out of fear of getting hurt. Can she fall for the guy worth letting in and risking her heart for again?

Francesca, 22, New York

Jamie Cary


Beautiful, bold and unafraid to speak her mind, it’s no wonder that Francesca’s ex was so infatuated with her. Unfortunately, that passion became suffocating and the Big Apple native needed room to grow. However, her love life has moved in an opposite direction: She traded in a guy who treated her like a princess for a handful of foolish men. Can Francesca get to know the guy whose affection she can accept without getting scared off?

Julia, 22, Louisiana

Jamie Cary


A whiskey girl with a bit of an attitude and tons of Southern charm, Julia is the type of girl that all the guys want. But the bartender doesn’t want all the guys -- especially not the superficial ones. Unfortunately for Julia, a string of cheating exes has left her jaded when it comes to relationships. And if infidelity isn’t the thing that kills the love connection, her blunt honesty affects those who grow close to her. Can Julia find the guy that will make her trust in true love?

Kaylen, 22, California

Jamie Cary


Kaylen is all about being tuned in with her energies and the energies of others. But sometimes maintaining her zen in difficult situations is easier said than done. Like when her date took her out to an expensive restaurant for her birthday and left her the bill (as a gift). Unfortunately, the sales manager tends to be drawn to the energies of losers -- but can she uncover her spiritual match who will give her heart the namaste that it deserves?

Mikala, 22, New Jersey

Jamie Cary


Mikala is spontaneous and the ultimate adventurer -- all the guys want her, but she can’t seem to hold a guy down for long. If a laundry list of unfaithful exes is any indication, it’s because Mikala tends to fall for guys who don’t want to be committed. Can she meet the guy who will challenge her adventurous spirit without breaking her spirited heart?

Nicole, 22, Colorado

Jamie Cary


An adrenaline junkie and daredevil, Nicole’s not afraid to take risks with anything -- that is, except her heart. The account manager has been afraid to open up ever since she was crushed by her first love. Now, she only goes after guys who are unavailable because she knows things will never get too serious. Can Nicole find the man who will make her feel secure enough to let him in and therefore put her heart back on the line?

Tori, 23, New York

Jamie Cary


Making it big as a rapper may be out of reach for most people, but most people don’t have Tori’s relentless drive and ambition. She is always self-promoting and has done a great job at being devoted to her career. Unfortunately, she hasn’t figured out how to be committed with someone else. Instead, Tori focuses on having fun and admits that while she has no problem connecting on a physical level right out of the gate, getting to know them afterward is a struggle. Can Tori become acquainted with the man who will make her as passionate about him as she is about everything else?

Victoria, 22, California

Jamie Cary


Gorgeous, feisty and smart, Victoria is a total catch. Unfortunately the waitress has a tendency to lure all the wrong guys. She leads with her looks and goes for guys who flatter her -- which most of them do. She knows this is her big flaw, but she can’t seem to help herself (especially if the guy is attractive too). Can Victoria break this bad habit and find the guy who's truly worthy of her attention?

Asaf, 24, Tel Aviv, Israel

Jamie Cary


Asaf can’t find his true love because he can’t move past his first love: his career. The Israeli native used his charm and break-dancing talents to position himself as an up-and-comer in the Los Angeles dance world. The ladies love his accent and his moves, but Asaf is constantly disappointed by women who only seem to want him for his notoriety. Can he get to know the woman who will groove her way into his heart and hold his attention longer than a one-two step?

Cam, 22, Colorado

Jamie Cary


It’s hard to imagine that this strapping 6'8" cowboy’s last relationship ended because his much smaller ex-girlfriend was too much to handle. The truth: Cam’s heart is as big as his size. The student knows that what is really important in a relationship is trust, communication and patience. However, Cam tends to fall for women with looks, but they are lacking in the personality department. Can he break his superficial habits and find a woman that’s a real prize and not just a trophy wife?

Cameron, 25, Mississippi

Jamie Cary


With his Southern twang and bad boy charm, Cameron looks every bit the player, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The contractor has a huge heart, which was broken after his last serious relationship. Now, he’s become wary of getting too close to anyone -- and because he compares every girl he meets to his ex, the chances for finding love become significantly smaller. Can Cameron shift his perspective and fall for the perfect girl?

Giovanni, 23, Connecticut

Jamie Cary


An MMA fighter, Gio’s aggressive and competitive nature tends to follow him into the dating ring too. He leads with sex, which led him to cheat on the only girl he’s ever loved. But despite his best efforts, “the wolf” (as Gio likes to call himself) was never able to win her back. Feeling like he missed his chance for true love, Gio has been bouncing from empty relationship to empty relationship. Can he meet the woman that can go toe-to-toe and take him to the mat?

John, 23, Nebraska

Jamie Cary


A true alpha male to the core, John is tough and intense. Unfortunately, a rough childhood has also left him closed off and guarded when it comes to love. It’s not easy for the food wholesaler and bartender to open up to a relationship, but when he does, it's full force. Will John find that alpha female who is strong enough to handle his intensity?

Morgan, 24, New York

Jamie Cary


A true Renaissance man, Morgan can paint, dance, play music and sports, and even breathe fire -- all abilities he mastered as a way to impress women. While he has no problem getting the ladies’ attention, holding it is another story. Despite his varied skill set, his fear of rejection and lack of dating confidence has kept him from mastering the fine art of talking to women. Instead, he tends to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Can this "jack of all trades" encounter the woman who will make him feel secure enough to speak with confidence and not leave him tongue tied?

Prosper, 25, New York

Jamie Cary


Prosper grew up attending the school of hard knocks. Determined to do better for himself, he turned his passion for football into an opportunity to play D1 college ball. Now, Prosper is hoping to make moves following his other passion: hip-hop. But Prosper admits that this music career path has made him brainwashed because of its emphasis on getting “the girls and the money.” Can Prosper find the woman that can take off the hip-hop colored glasses and show him what a real relationship is all about?

Sam, 22, Illinois

Jamie Cary


This former college football athlete is anything but a player when it comes to love. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Sam has strong Midwest values and wants the kind of love that you can only find in the movies. Unfortunately, the modern dating scene hasn’t been kind to Sam, who equates a kiss with the same intimacy as sex. Can he meet the woman who appreciates his old-school values and will help him write his fairy-tale ending?

Stephen, 24, Pennsylvania

Jamie Cary


Brash, confident and driven, Stephen has no problem going after what he wants and getting it. He refers to himself as “the master manipulator” and takes pride in his ability to play people -- a skill set that has served him well in his career as a salesman. However, after getting his heart crushed by his ex, Stephen ended up being the one getting played. Can he find the woman who will resell him on the idea of true love?

Tyler, 26, California

Jamie Cary


Tyler is a former Navy man who walks the streets feeding the homeless -- but he admittedly calls himself an “asshole” when it comes to dating. Tyler’s sarcasm causes him to put his foot in his mouth, and comments that are intended to be honest or funny are interpreted as mean and rude. Can Tyler stop getting in his own way and become acquainted with the woman who won’t be insulted by his sensibilities?

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