Selena Gomez's 'Revival' Tour Merch Includes Tattoos

They'll turn you into Selena, basically

We're a mere two weeks out from Selena Gomez's Revival tour kickoff and, unsurprisingly, more excited than ever. At the beginning of April, Selena previewed an unexpected makeup look to expect at the shows. Now, she's given us a sneak peek at the tour merch and, well, it's good.

Like, really good.

She introduced us to the merch with a look at a tee featuring an image she recently shared from her upcoming Pantene campaign.

She followed up with some more exotic swag, revealing that the merch will include temporary versions of her seven tattoos. There also appears to be a very Calvin Klein-inspired sports bra and either a "Revival 16" patch or, like, straight-up jeans featuring the patch. Our money is on the patch because, LBR, buying jeans at a concert sounds like a nightmare.

Smaller Selenators will also be able to rep their fan status because Selena thinks of everything and is releasing kids' apparel.

OK, so can the tour kick off right now, please? We need all this stuff in our lives STAT.

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