Floribama Inflamer: Was Kortni Stirring The Pot By Getting In Bed With Gus?

Nilsa, for one, thinks three's a crowd

When you're really tired, you'll sleep just about anywhere -- just ask Kortni. But according to Nilsa, the PCB local should know her limits (and her place).

Monday night's MTV Floribama Shore saw Nilly seriously catching some feelings for Gus, just days after the two made their friends-with-benefits status official. Nilly even dubbed the Tallahassee native "one of the best guys" she's ever met, as the two opened up to one another under the romantic lights of Bourbon Street.

While Candace was hoping the duo would "bone it out," the night definitely did not sway in that direction. Why? Because two hard-to-gets don't make a hunch. Despite Nilsa thottin' and plottin' (Aimee's words) to snuggle up beside Gus in her bed, he just wasn't looking to put up the chase -- and neither was she. That's when Kortni took the opportunity for a warm bed and crawled in right beside Gus.

"Like, Kortni, I've expressed to you in confidence that I have a crush on Gus, but then you go sleep right up next to him," Nilly confessed. "What the f*ck?"

That's when Gus tried an experiment, telling Kortni to get extra cuddly.

"This is a test. Nilsa says she's cool with me being with other girls, hooking up with other girls, kissing other girls... and now Kortni's staying in the same bed with me. So we'll see how she reacts to it," he said.

Naturally, Nilsa was upset. "It is really hard to play it cool when actual feelings are involved, but at the end of the day, we did have an agreement that we were just gonna be friends with benefits," she said. "Honestly, I'm not even sure I want to do that right now. I am really hurt."

Kortni, always one to tell it like it is, bluntly called Nilly out for missing her chance at canoodling with Floribama's own Fabio.

"You could have gotten in bed with Gus, Nilsa, so don't be mad at me for wanting to sleep in a f*cking bed instead of the floor," she said.

Was Kortni purposefully trying to stir the Gilsa pot -- she and Nilly do have a rocky past and K hasn't always been the most loyal friend -- or was she merely looking for a cozy spot to lay her head? Comment with your thoughts, then catch an all-new MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.