Young And Pregnant Protective Order: Will Kayla's Legal Move Force Stephan To Shape Up?

After an alleged physical altercation, Izaiah's mom blew the whistle

We thought Kayla and Stephan were on solid ground on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant -- Stephan apologizing to her mom Jaime for their fight last season was a major first step. But unfortunately, the exes were back in a bad place after an alleged altercation that prompted Kayla to file a temporary protective order against her son's father.

On tonight’s episode, Kayla told her friends and her mom that the court wasn’t going to press charges against Stephan because there wasn’t enough evidence for them to win the case. Since there was no arrest, Kayla got the protective order for herself and her son Izaiah and will ultimately have to make the call about whether or not to extend it for two more years -- even though she was confident Stephan will get better and she won't have to make the order more permanent.

“If he is willing to get help, then I will want him around Izaiah,” she said, adding that she didn’t want to be the one keeping him from his child.

But despite Stephan admitting in a separate Facetime convo with his mom that he felt guilty about what happened and wanted to do better, neither Kayla’s friends nor her mom was convinced.

“I’m just worried about your safety, and I’m worried about Izaiah’s safety,” Jaime told her daughter after learning that she might not extend the order. “I know this can end badly, and I’m scared to death.”

Will Stephan really get help this time and do better for Kayla and their baby? And should Kayla opt out of extending the order and give him a chance to improve, or should she heed her mom’s advice? Tell us your thoughts, and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.